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Keep on believing;

a new day, and a new beginning.

❧ die wahlwienerin

A new beginning, a new chapter of my life
started the day when I thought it could be my last
my eyes were wide shut but I hadn't given up.
I had my faith and trust.

I was born to try.

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18th century, 19th century, a chainless soul (with-courage-to-endure), alfred brendel, amadeus, amélie, archetypes, art nouveau, audrey hepburn, austria, bavaria, before sunrise/sunset, breakfast at tiffany's, brontëana, cafe sperl, caspar david friedrich, chamber music, clara schumann, classical music, claude debussy, claudio monteverdi, coffee, coming full circle, composer movies, concerti, copying beethoven, degas, die nacht, dieser sonnenatmenden erde, double meanings, emily brontë, england, erich wolfgang korngold, europe, ever after, every type of bread, feeling omnipresent, felix mendelssohn, film scores, fin-de-siècle vienna and paris, forbidden love, franz joseph haydn, franz liszt, franz schubert, frédéric chopin, german folk songs, germany, ghosts, gone with the wind, great and terrible beauty, gustav mahler, hamlet, hawelka, heathcliff, heiligenstadt, history, hélène grimaud, immortal beloved, impromptu, jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja, jane austen, jane eyre, johann wolfgang von goethe, johannes brahms, kate bush, l'incoronazione di poppea, lady of shalott, languages, laughing too much, le nozze di figaro, lieder, life-themes, light in the darkness, loreena mckennitt, lucrezia borgia, ludwig van beethoven, marie antoinette, martha argerich, maurice ravel, maurizio pollini, mendelssohn, metaphorical irony, miss potter, mists of avalon, moments-in-which-you-could live forever, moors, mozart!, mucha, music history, musicals, mythology, never giving up, opera, paris, period films, petit trianon, phantom of the opera, piano, poetry and postcards, pretending-to-be a mucha painting, pride and prejudice, ralph fiennes, real life fairy tales, reminiscing, richard strauss, robert schumann, rococo, romanticism, samuel barber, schmendrick is my hero, secret souls, sense and sensibility, shakespeare, smokey european cafés, soulmates, spirituality, starbucks, starry nights, strong like a symphony, studying everything, sushi, symbolism, tea, tenchi muyo, the borgias, the hills are alive!, the illusionist, the last unicorn, the moon, the secret garden, the sound of music, thunderstorms, to-your-heart-i-run, tortured souls, toulouse-lautrec, tranquility, traveling, unbelievable coincidences, vienna, vincent van gogh, w.b. yeats, wanderlust, weather, what not to wear, where movement is poetry, widmung, wien, wind, wolfgang amadeus mozart, wuthering heights